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        • 学校的公告 2019-20


          国际机遇学术 - 教育/出国留学

          南澳客网彩票学生在所有学科的大学是鼓励 participate in a study abroad experience for credit toward their major, minor or elective credits. Academic research, practicum, internship and work abroad experience are also 强烈建议所有的学科和学生的所有用途。学生应该检查 with their academic advisors and the Office of International Education f要么 available 机会,奖学金和申请/审批程序的信息。


          All students receiving academic credit for study or interning abroad must be enrolled in an official USA 出国留学 "course" (check with the Office of International Education for course and section numbers). This includes participation in faculty-led USA Study Abroad programs as well as other USA approved study abroad programs offered by other universities and third party program providers. To participate in a study abroad program, have an overall GPA of at least 2.25 for undergraduates. Graduate student qualifications vary by department and program.  Student should see Office of International Education for "exceptional" circumstances procedures. Students with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.25 must demonstrate positive and constructive maintenance of their GPA with no decline in order to be considered for study abroad. Students should have no incomplete coursework 从术语出国之前到期。学生遇到学术挑战 on campus should work closely with their academic advisors and the Office of International Education prior to making any plans to study abroad. 学生们 requiring accommodations or special services should contact the USA Office of Student Disability Services and discuss such arrangements with OIE and the host program well in advance of their proposed 在国外的活动。用于所有研究国外申请人必须在良好的学术和 non-academic standing prior to and during the proposed activities abroad. Additionally, all students who plan to study are encouraged to take a pre-departure course entitled IST 300:以前出国的全球定位。本课程是八周, one credit hour blended f要么mat course designed to help students prepare to go abroad.  IST 300当然是一个要求所有的学生打算WHO参加 学期或为期一年的方案,并为所有外国语言文学专业。

          随着一些规划,可以充分研究国内外综合学位课程及使用 applied to core, major, minor and elective courses. Prior knowledge of a foreign language is not required although many programs provide access to all levels of language learning (开头到专家)。鼓励所有程序和跨文化学习促进 机会。机会从一周去年出国(根据性质 程序),以一学年,并且可用于包括所有学期 秋季,春季,夏季和5项。在完成出国留学应用程序的使用, including course approval form(s), students will enroll in a USA Study Abroad "course". These courses carry an administrative and registration fee of at least $150 per program and term abroad. With this registration students are able to receive academic credit for courses taken abroad and while abroad have access to a 24/7 emergency assistance network. Additionally this registration provides access to study abroad advising and 支持服务。根据计划期间,学生可收取 additional fee for international insurance.  Students participating in USA 学院-led 方案将在一门学科的具体用途当然赋予使用信用登记。  学生对教师领导的方案支付一定的费用项目包括学费通常, housing abroad, in-country travel, international insurance, and other on-site expenses.  All students who plan to study abroad must attend required USA 出国留学 information 和出发前的会议。通过参加一个允许的程序,学生将 保留充分利用官方时间学籍并在某些情况下,可申请 or retain their existing financial aid and scholarship money. Freshmen are encouraged 开始抵达后计划出国学习使用。奖学金信息 通过国际教育大学奖学金内部 以及为外部源,吉尔曼:如学术,美国富布赖特奖 for graduating seniors, and the National Security Education/Boren Program for Undergraduate and Graduate 学生们. Additionally, students eligible f要么 the Alabama prepaid tuition (PACT)计划,职业康复,和老将的好处可能是能够应用这些 他们的资金出国留学的计划。有关更多信息,请访问Office 国际教育的网站的 www.plinux.org/ie 要么 www.plinux.org/studyabroad。同时学生可以出国留学前来散步的时间如下(见网站小时)或 通过电子邮件发送安排与出国留学顾问预约 intledu@southalabama.edu.



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