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          • Confidence is key in the job search process. Whether you are interviewing, interning, or starting a new job after graduation, find everything you need to finish your perfect look at the JCPenney Suit-Up Event!

All currently enrolled Jaguars are invited to attend the JCPenney Suit-Up Event!
          • The HireAJag Career Fair is held semi-annually during the fall and spring semesters. This fair is a university-wide event open to all majors. The career fair provides the opportunity for employers, students, and alumni to network and discuss full-time, co-op, and internship positions.
          • The Education Seminar and Career Fair is held semi-annually during the fall and spring semesters. This event is targeted for students seeking teaching positions and other education-related 机会。
          • 学生们 and alumni are encouraged to meet with industry professionals to discuss full-time jobs and internship positions in areas related to Sales and Marketing. This event will be held in the Mitchell College of Business. Please RSVP to attend.
          • 学生们 seeking part-time employment are encouraged to attend this event to meet local area employers and USA campus representatives to hear about current job 机会。 This job fair is open to USA students and all majors are welcome.
          • 学生们 and alumni are invited to meet with industry professionals to discuss full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internship positions in areas related to business. This is an excellent opportunity that provides awareness of organizations and their hiring needs. Please register through your Handshake account to attend the career fair. You will be required to check-in at this event in order to receive your name tag and credit for attendance.
          • Every Career Starts with A Handshake
          • An online system that combines training and practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence - all from your personal computer.
          • 救命ful information for crafting and refining your resume.
          • The Awato document creator tool will guide you through an easy to use creation form that uses your previous work experience and the type of job you'll be applying for to craft the ideal resume.  Awato will analyze your job or related industry posting and suggest key words, content, and formatting.

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          握手是大学的平台,以连接学生,校友和雇主。  对就业,实习,合作社,事件和校园招聘信息发现 机会。



          学生和校友访问 握手 - 学生 就以下详细的说明页面:

          重要: 我们强烈建议您之前上传更新你的简历握手 确保你有一个有质量的文件即以就业为目的的竞争力。为 完善你的简历信息,请查看我们的 写简历 页面。要求在批驳(251)460-6188或恢复联系我们的办公室 careerservices@southalabama.edu.

          如果您需要更多的援助,握手进入 入门握手 或者 握手帮助中心.

          注意欺诈作业活动!要避免这种情况发生,以你读 以下。


          雇主访问 握手 - 雇主 就以下详细的说明页面:

          如果你需要更多的帮助去 入门握手 或者 握手帮助中心.




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