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        • 禁用跟踪

          If you see the "禁用跟踪" green label at the top of the page, we are honoring your request to block tracking on our site and have disabled all global tracking elements on the pages you visit on www.southalabama.edu. 

          However, we do not delete pre-existing cookies or other tracking elements in your browser. You may still have some tracking elements if you previously visited our site, or other sites,  before setting "Do Not Track" on your browser.  You may wish to delete all tracking or "third-party" cookies; please consult suggestions from your browser manufacturer or other source. 

          The tracking sources which we normally use on our site, but have blocked for you, 有以下几种:



          谷歌分析 is a free service offered by Google that tracks and reports website 交通数据。

          Google privacy policy statement can be found at:




          现场改善 software platform provides institutions with appropriate tools to improve the content quality of their website by scanning reporting areas of improvement in SEO, website analytics and accessibility.

          现场改善 privacy policy statement can be found at:




          hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that uses tracking technologies to help attack new visitors, convert leads and provides tools for social media marketing, web analytics, SEO and content management.

          hubspot privacy policy statement can be found at:




          Facebook的 Pixels are used to measure advertising conversion rates and to place targeted advertisements or retarget specific advertising items.

          Facebook的 Pixel privacy policy statement can be found at:




          ShareThis provides easy to install social media buttons that allows users to share website content on social media platforms.  分享这个 is similar to other online behavioral advertising “OBA” or interest based advertising “IBA” platforms and tracks user browsing and sharing behavior in order to display interest based products and services.

          分享这个 privacy policy statement can be found at:



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